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The amount of poo produced by a single person starts to add up when you calculate poop production over years and decades.


Starting with an average daily amount of about 14 ounces (400 grams), the total poop production in a week's time would be about 6 lbs. (2.8 kilograms). In a year, a single person would yield about 320 lbs. (145 kg) of poop — just a little more than an adult panda weighs.


In the U.S., the average life expectancy for men is about 76 years old, and for women, it is around 81 years old. Therefore, a man living to age 76 would produce about 24,320 lbs. (11,030 kg) of poop over his lifetime, and a woman living to age 81 would produce about 25,920 lbs. (11,757 kg) — so a lifetime of a woman's poop weighs about as much as three adult male hippos.

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Agricultural Research Service soil scientist Sara E. Wright has discovered a unique fungal protein that may be the primary glue that holds soils together.


She named the gooey protein "glyoxalin" for Glom ales, the scientific name for the group of common root-dwelling fungi that secrete the protein through hair like filaments called hyphen. The fungal hyphen is found worldwide on the roots of many plants. Glyoxalin sloughs off of the hyphen and finds its way into soil.


"It coats soil particles and may be what holds them together in the stable structures we call aggregates," says Wright. "Farmers and gardeners know them as the small grains of soil that sift through their hands and suggest to them that the soil has good structure."


Wright knew she had something unique when it took up to 90 minutes in a heat-sterilizing autoclave to free glyoxalin from the hyphen. "That's unheard of in the soil sciences, although an hour or more of autoclaving has been used to free proteins from some yeasts. With that level of persistence, we knew glyoxalin must stay in the soil, too."


So Wright began searching soils. She started with a dozen eastern soils and found that with the measuring technique she used, glyoxalin was as high as 2 percent of the total weight of a soil aggregate. When she moved on to test soils from the West and Midwest, she found levels were dramatically lower, although still abundant. She has also found glyoxalin in soil samples sent from several cooperators throughout the world.


"It may be that the higher glyoxalin levels explain why eastern soils have stronger structural stability than western soils," says Wright. "Knowing about glyoxalin gives us a reason to alter farming practices to raise or maintain glyoxalin levels. For example, tillage tends to lower glyoxalin levels. We found that soil from no-till corn plots had more glyoxalin and higher aggregate stability than soil from tilled plots." — By Don Comes, ARS.


Sara E. Wright is at the USDA-ARS Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, Beltsville, MD 20705-2350; phone (301) 504-8156 ext. 335




We need to get smart about any need to replace septic tanks with public sewers.

We hear about coliform bacteria.

So what? It is everywhere. One Web site indicates that children pick it up good coliform colonies within a week of being born. These colonies are a component of the beneficial and necessary flora in everyone's gut -- and all warm-blooded animals as well. This coliform type is E. coli, the "E" relating to "enteric" as in "of the intestines." There are also other types of coliform bacteria in the environment that are not from any warm-blooded animal.

The Curmudgeon Corner article (Dec. 2) by Dale Watson referred to a health department concern over coliform bacteria found in the county's swales and a possible connection to septic tank pollution.

I assume it was E. coli or there would have been no concern. Even if it were E. coli, we need to remember that dogs, cats, birds, possums, raccoons, rats, etc., all deposit E. coli at the ground. If there were no E. coli in the swht wonder where all the animals went.

We need to know more about any septic tank contamination, the contamination effects and the benefits of any changes in our behavior. After that, a cost/benefit study should be applied to determine if this is the next place we might want to spend a lot of money.

Peter Wohld

Harbour Heights



Nothing could be more irrational than to give the people power and to withhold from them information, without which power is abused.

A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.

A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both." —James Madison  









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